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Marine Corps League Types of Membership


Only the following may be regular members of the MCL: Marines who are serving or have served honorably* in the United States Marine Corps or the United States Marine Corps Reserve.

U.S Navy Personnel who are serving or have served honorably* in the United States Navy and who have trained with Marine Fleet Marine Force (FMF) units in excess of ninety (90) days and earned the Marine Corps device (clasp) worn on the Service Ribbon (i.e.: Southwest Asia Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, etc.) or (ii) earned the Fleet Marine Force Enlisted Warfare Specialist Device (FMFEWS) (1 Oct 2006 to present) or the Fleet Marine Force Officer (FMFQO) Insignia (1 Jan 2006 to present) which must be noted on the DD214 form. An Award of the Fleet Marine Force Ribbon (FMF Ribbon) (1 Sept 1984-30 Sept 2006), the FMFEWS or FMFQO may serve as prima facie evidence of eligibility. 

Note * - “Served Honorably” is determined by the last DD Form 214 or certificate of discharge that the applicant received. A General Discharge under Honorable Conditions is acceptable.


Associate membership is appropriate for those individuals not qualified for regular membership in the MARINE CORPS LEAGUE or MARINE CORPS LEAGUE AUXILIARY and who espouse the principles and purposes of the MARINE CORPS LEAGUE as contained in the Congressional Charter.

Upon application to this Detachment, such a person may be accepted as an Associate Member. Associate Members, upon acceptance, will pay dues in the same amounts as prescribed for regular members, including initiation fees. They will receive a membership pin and card similar in design and style of the approved regular membership.

Associate members are entitled to all rights, privileges, and benefits of a regular member; except as follows: The Associate member shall not vote for nor hold an ELECTED office in this Detachment. However, the Detachment will allow an associate member to vote on INTERNAL AFFAIRS, not affecting Marine Corps League policy.

The Associate member may be asked to serve on committees that have to do with internal affairs, but WILL NOT serve as Chairman of such. Associate members have NO voting privileges on membership. Finally, they WILL NOT serve as Delegates or alternates to the National, Department, or Central Division Conventions or Staff meetings.


At the discretion of the Commandant, may issue an Honorary Membership status. To be awarded such a Membership, a person must have performed an extraordinary service for his Nation, Community, USMC, USMCR, or the Marine Corps League. The privilege of belonging to the Marine Corps League organization is the only benefit that can be cherished. He/she will be presented a suitable certificate, commemorating the special occasion. There will be no fees involved with this membership; however, the membership card and the certificate will be furnished by National Headquarters.


The distinction of being able to become a Life member in the Marine Corps League has its rewards. The annual payment of dues is not required. Both Regular and Associate members are eligible for Life membership. The rules for Associate membership are not modified for acceptance into "Life Membership" status. The benefits that were yours when you were of regular or associate membership status are the same, but for LIFE.

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