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What does the Marine Corps League do?

The mission of the Marine Corps League is to promote the interest and preserve traditions of the United States Marine Corps; strengthen the fraternity of Marines and their families; serve Marines, FMF Navy Personnel who wear or have worn the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor; and foster the ideals of Americanism and patriotic volunteerism.

Can anyone join the Marine Corps League?

Yes, technically anyone can join. The Marine Corps League Redlands offers Regular, Associate, and Honorary Memberships. Please see our Membership page for additional details and requirements.

Marine Corps League History

The Marine Corps League perpetuates the traditions and spirit of all Marines, Navy FMF corpsmen, and Navy FMF chaplains who wear or have worn the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor of the Marine Corps. The League is the only federally chartered Marine Corps-related veterans organization in the country. Since its earliest days, the League has enjoyed the support and encouragement of the active duty and reserve establishments of the Marine Corps. The League boasts a membership of more than 60,000 men and women, officer and enlisted, active duty, reserve Marines, honorably discharged Marine veterans, qualified Navy FMF corpsmen, and qualified Navy FMF chaplains. It is one of the few veteran organizations that experience annual membership increases.

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